Post-Acute Care

Axial PACC

Automated patient workflows triggered by our context aware data aggregation tools.

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Axial Provider

Clinical summary distribution as the foundation of inter-provider communication.

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Axial Patient

Consumer-quality white-label app that focuses patient engagement on health goals.

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New tools for new care models

Patients have expectations and limited attention spans. Streamline administrative components and focus on delivering touchpoints right when they are needed.


Transitional Care Management

With our Axial Transitions software, providers receive real-time alerts of condensed, discharge summaries of their patients hospital event. Providers do not need access to a health system’s EHR or special credentials to receive information.


Chronic Care

Our solution enhances clinical communication and collaboration and provides an end-user patient experience.


Bundled Payments

Our Axial Transitions notifies all parties in the circle of care about patient and gives them the ability to report back their own outcomes.

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