Data Integration

Axial’s data integration platform supports secure integration with virtually any clinical system and consumer wearable device.

For Patients, Axial comes pre-integrated with over 100 wearable devices and consumer health apps -- including connected glucometers, wireless scales, smart blood pressure cuffs, and activity monitors. Axial synthesizes this information and stores it securely in a HIPAA-compliant data center.

For Providers, Axial brings together encounter data from EHRs and other clinical systems, manually-entered patient data, wearable device data, medical device data, and app usage data. This “data hub” serves as as a cost-effective accelerant for existing initiatives involving remote monitoring, patient satisfaction, care gaps, leakage, and readmissions.

Supported Data Types and Protocols

Under the hood, Axial’s n-tier architecture is much more modern than is your typical monolithic health IT system. This means we are built not only to scale, but also to securely transmit data among trusted third parties.

This infrastructure means that we can interface with virtually any legacy application. We support the following communication methods:

Data Type Protocol
HL7 MLLP via VPN Realtime or Batch
XML or Delimited Text SMTP/FTP via VPN Batch
HL7 or CCD/CCR ETL via VPN Batch
HL7 or CCD/CCR XML/MTOM over HTTPS (SOAP Web Service) Realtime
CCD/CCR and XML/JSON HTTPS (REST Web Service) Realtime

Security & Privacy

Axial uses enterprise-grade security with private subnets, router-to-router VPN security, and HTTPS/SSL for encryption of presentation layer transmission. All systems have failover service and receive daily snapshots. Axial’s database requires authentication, and data elements are encrypted.

Axial developed its privacy policy with leading healthcare legal experts, K&L; Gates. This policy is reviewed annually. All relevant employees receive full HIPAA training. All developer machines are encrypted and are password protected with complex passwords that change every 90 days. Further, no PHI is stored locally. It is encrypted within Axial’s HIPAA-compliant data center.

Axial also adheres to the security guidelines of all our health system, which include some of the most rigorous IT environments in the healthcare industry. To that end, Axial is able to provide background checks, drug tests, vaccination data, and any other client requirement.

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Institutions