Hospital Communication and Marketing with A Mobile App

Health Tools and Trackers in a Hospital App

Build your Brand Experience

Great hospital apps are an extension of your lobby. They are the starting point and way-finding tool for your world of services. They provide speed and utility that the web can't provide.

Axial's mobile infrastructure enables you to be up and running quickly with a custom mobile app designed around your hospital's strategy.

Physician Directories, Click-to-Call and More

Native apps excel at providing fast directory searches and easy access to patient's providers and services. Patients can use the "Care Team" functionality to keep an always updated list of their favorite providers and services for quick access.

A mobile app is a natural place to gather and distribute this information, and patients prefer it to any other source.

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Social Media Mobile App Hospital
Social Media Mobile App Hospital

Bring your best social content together

Publish blog content, awareness campaigns and social media right to your mobile users. Provide screenings and other onboarding opportunities to find new prospective patients.

Wearable Data in Mobile App and EHR

Wearable data in your app and your EHR

Wearables are the easiest way to collect ongoing health data. Your mobile health tools can support any relevant wearable devices, importing, aggregating and graphing the data across supported devices of a wide variety.

Integrate Wearable Data with your EHR