Wearable Data in Mobile App and EHR

fitBit, Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and Wearable Data in your EHR

Wearable technology can make patients aware and excited about managing their own health. Axial's mobile suite can give you a way to combine and react to that mobile data with your own educational materials customized to a patients needs. The patient can also easily share that data back to your EHR to be reviewed before their next appointment.

Axial supports dozens of sources for health data and over 100 devices

New Opportunities in Patient Data

Get data from patient's connected weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, glucose meters, pedometers and other devices and the world of health apps beyond. Our simple way of connecting to those devices and services is motivating and low effort for patients and gives you the high resolution data that you have never had before.

You know that an office appointment or even an inpatient stay doesn't reveal the full spectrum of longterm trends behind your patient's health. In the new world of wearable health technology and mobile devices, patients are capturing more personal health data than ever. While every day's individual weight or step count may not offer value to you, the trends over time can be very revealing and represent a new opportunity in healthcare.

Axial's hospital and health system mobile app is a tool capable of aggregating all of that valuable data in a way that provides value for both physician and patient. Our set of 10 health tools work together to provide support for those treating common chronic conditions and many more.

HealthKit Wearable data in an EHR

Patient Data in any EHR