A Dashboard for Managing Patient Events & Coordinating Care

Health systems are able to coordinate care and measure provider engagement through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Measure Provider Engagement with Usage Analytics

Axial provides health systems with a web-based dashboard that provides insights into how referring providers are engaging across episodes of care— and how this engagement impacts health system utilization.

In addition, case managers get the ability to support patient's with tools to support care management tasks, behavior change, and episode navigation.

Goal Questions to which Axial provides answers
Provider Engagement
  • What referring providers have the best outcomes?
  • What providers have the highest patient satisfaction?
  • What providers are supported by a particular patient's payer?
Patient Engagement
  • How engaged is my population compared to benchmark data?
  • How often do patients within a certain zip code track their health?
  • What types of health information are my Medicare patients researching?
Monitor Care Plan Adherence
  • Have patients made their followup appointments?
  • How often are patients taking their medications as prescribed?
  • How often are diabetics tracking glucose?

Influence Patient Behavior

Personalized engagement means reaching out to right patients with right message at the right time. With Axial, this is possible.

Target patients based on granular filters:

  • Send this review of glucometers to all newly-diagnosed Type II Diabetes patients
  • Send this sodium management article to all congestive heart failure patients whose weight has increased by 3% or more this week.
  • Send this daily walking guide to all patients with BMI >30
  • … and many more

With Axial you will not only be able to target communication, but you will also be able to measure open rates -- and most importantly -- connect your outbound communication to outcomes.

The right message at the right time

Coordinate Care

Axial makes it painless to keep the care community informed when patients visit the hospital and emergency room. We instantly distribute clinical summaries of every ER visit and inpatient admission to a patient’s entire circle of care -- including PCPs, case managers, and other care givers.

Full Integration Support

Axial is more than a pretty app. Under the hood, we have built an enterprise-grade data integration platform. We have processed millions of healthcare transactions from a variety of clinical systems -- including those from major EHR vendors. Additionally, our platform is pre-integrated with over 100 consumer health devices and apps -- including FDA-approved smart blood pressure cuffs and connected glucometers.

See how our data integration platform delivers a high resolution of your patients between doctor visits.