Patient Engagement School


Patient Engagement 101

Patient engagement is the buzz word of the day, but what does it actually mean? Axial takes on the task of bringing logic and order to the patient engagement space in this whitepaper.

Patient Engagement Rankings

Becker’s Hospital Review and Axial Exchange have produced a first-ever hospital ranking focused on patient engagement.


What is the ROI of patient engagement?

The financial impact of patient engagement on readmissions reduction incentive programs. How improvement in HCAHPS can translate into revenue from the Value-Based Purchasing program. How to quantify the financial return of improved patient loyalty.

Patient Engagement through Caregivers

Learn what electronic tools caregivers use and understand why most patient portals fall short of meeting their needs.

Reducing Leakage with Patient Loyalty

Learn why traditional patient loyalty programs don’t work in today’s mobile world. Get clarity on what works.


Learn why helping patients navigate health systems should be a strategic priority.

HIPAA & Security

Learn what aspects of HIPAA apply to mobile health apps and understand the best practices for keeping PHI safe on a mobile device.

Patient Behavior Change

Learn how you can address select modifiable behaviors to improve quality and outcome goals.

Healthcare Marketing

Enhance your brand with mobile apps and the higher quality of service that they enable.


Learn how to lower avoidable readmissions by engaging patients before, during, and after a hospital stay.

Meaningful Use

Learn why working with patient-generated data will be the key to future Meaningful Use compliance.

HCAHPS & Patient Satisfaction

Learn how mobile health apps can boost HCAHPS and increase your Value-Based Purchasing Performance.

Mobile Health Statistics

Understand how patients of all ages are using mobile health for self care.

Patient Portals

Learn how to increase the value of your portal investment.

Project RED vs. Project BOOST—a comparison

Learn how to take Project RED or Project BOOST to the next level of effectiveness with a mobile health strategy.

Project BOOST & mobile health technology

Learn how to take Project BOOST to the next level of effectiveness with a mobile health strategy.