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Patient Engagement Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

Axial Exchange focuses on the 99% of the time the patients are away from the health system. Our approach to patient engagement delivers smarter patients, better informed physicians, and better outcomes through our patient-facing mobile application, provider-facing analytics dashboard, and consulting services.

Through engaged patients and coordinated care, health systems see

  • decreased network leakage
  • fewer care gaps
  • reduced avoidable hospitalizations
  • improved patient satisfaction


Mobile Health App for Patients

To take control of their health, patients need trusted health information and easy-to-use health management tools. Axial features the Mayo Clinic’s world class health content, covering 2,000+ diseases and condition and provides tools for tracking vitals, labs, and symptoms -- including integration with popular wearables such as FitBit. Axial also makes it easy for patients to retrieve their health records -- all on the mobile device of their choice.

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Patient Management Dashboard

Axial enables health systems to quantify engagement through an analytical dashboard. The dashboard provides insights into how often patients are using the engagement tools, what parts of the platform they are using, and how their behavior compares to engagement goals. Axial can also tie these engagement metrics to key strategic measures such as 30-day readmission rates and HCAHPS scores.

See what a mobile app can do for your patients

Data Integration Platform

Axial is more than a pretty app. Under the hood, we have built an enterprise-grade data integration platform. We have processed millions of healthcare transactions from a variety of clinical systems -- including those from major EHR vendors. Additionally, our platform is pre-integrated with over 100 consumer health devices and apps -- including FDA-approved smart blood pressure cuffs and connected glucometers.

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Professional Services

Patient Activation

The first step is to drive awareness that the health app exists. To that end, Axial specialists will work with you to generate print and digital promotional vehicles, optimize search engine performance, and promote the app within key areas. The next step is to have an engagement expert meet with high priority patients -- such as those with multiple chronic conditions. This specialist will ensure that the patient is up-and-running and is able to use the app for daily self care.

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Staff Training

Axial works with your team to ensure that patient engagement best practices become part of the care delivery process. We’ll help you develop a process for “prescribing” the app to appropriate patients along with key talking points and use cases for motivating the patient. We’ll also help you work with patient-generated data during patient encounters. Finally, we’ll make sure that your entire staff are power users and become patient engagement ambassadors.

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Custom Data Integration

Want to see patient health tracking data summarized in your EHR? No problem. Want to give patients the ability to view their medical records securely from within the app? We can do that too. Want to integrate your patient referral application, your scheduling software, of your bill pay software? Let’s talk. Axial has processed millions of clinical transactions and patient-generated tracker data. Our data integration hub is secure and enterprise grade.

Digital integration improves care coordination at discharge