Axial Transitions

Automated Care Coordination Across Health Systems

Clinical summaries for the entire circle of care.

All clinicians in the patient’s circle of care need access to each patient’s records, yet only 9% of health systems have all-electronic access sending and receiving care information.

Axial’s vendor-neutral integration and work-flow engine supports the reality that 80% of patients go to multiple providers across health systems. We take the disparate information across your systems and turn it into just-in-time actions.

Give your referral partners the info they are asking for

Good business is great care, letting care partners know about the status of their patients is a no-brainer. Give them branded, quick access to the essential information they need on the device of their choice.

Real Time Notifications & Reporting of each Patient Encounter

Providers can be kept alert to admissions, discharges and transitions to inpatient stays. No, its not another noisy system, but it is always up-to-date and a reflection of the real-time status of their specific patients.

Actionable Reports on Facilities and Physicians

Custom reporting allows you to see what relationships are the most impactful. Track referral patterns in real-time, comparing trends by facility and outside group.

Automated Care Coordination Software for Referral Networks

Painless notifications and reporting of patient encounters for PCPs, case managers and caregivers without access to your EHR.

When patients are admitted to the hospital, the care community needs to be prepared for their discharge. Axial Provider can inform them instantly and automatically with clinical summaries of every ER visit and inpatient admission. Designed for ease of use with mobile, tablet and PC devices, Axial Provider is novel, real-time and HIPAA compliant.

See how Axial Transitions can work for your network.


User Experience is a top-priority

There’s no reason healthcare software shouldn’t be as intuitive as the best-designed consumer software. Axial Provider enables busy physicians to access exactly what they need without sifting through extraneous data.

Intelligent message delivery to the entire circle of care

Axial Provider routes customized information to each member of a patient’s circle of care, including the primary care physician, case managers and specialists.

Customized notification settings

Providers can choose their preferences, electing to be notified of ER and hospital events or to only receive alerts about particular patients or events, such as readmission for a high-risk congestive heart failure patient. Providers can also opt to have all notifications sent to a practice manager or nurse.

Delivery confirmation and usage tracking

Axial Provider tracks delivery receipt and usage patterns over time for both individuals and groups of providers.

HIPAA Compliant, of Course

Distributed communication can be hard to control, but Axial makes it easy with standards that meet and exceed HIPAA.