Patient Engagement Services

Axial is your Full Service Patient Engagement Partner

Axial provides turnkey services for not only software development, but also for the roll-out and ongoing management of a patient engagement program. Axial deploys app experts on-site to your location to ensure that high priority patients are fully activated in your patient engagement program.

Patient Activation Services

Drive Awareness among Patients

We’ll help your team build awareness among your patient population. This includes optimizing promotion on your digital and print properties, optimizing search engine performance, and promoting the app within key areas — such as waiting rooms and cafeterias.

Have an Axial Expert meet with High Priority Patients

An on-site patient engagement expert will train your staff on mobile patient engagement and can work directly with patients to ensure that they are activated prior to discharge.

This on-site expert can work with high priority patients such as those with congestive heart failure, heart attack, and pneumonia diagnoses. The on-site app expert follows a proven 6-step process for patient activation.

  1. Help hospitalized patients (or their care givers) download and register to use app
  2. ID relevant areas of health library
  3. Set up medication tracking
  4. Set up weight & blood pressure tracking
  5. Plan for post-discharge activities
  6. Set up personal health record access

Staff Training

Axial is able to transform your clinical staff into patient engagement ambassadors through a fun and informative staff training program. At the end of the program your staffers will be “super users” of the app and will be able to show virtually any patient how to get started with self care using the app. Moreover, we will train your case managers, care coordinators, and those who oversee population health. These strategic employees will be able to use our Patient Manager Tools to identify patients who need to hear from the health system. For example, patients who are due for a preventative encounter, screening, or those who are at a high risk of becoming sicker. Identification is only part of the training. We will also enable case managers to connect with patients directly on the their mobile devices. Your staffers will be able to reach patients with messages targeted at the population, cohort, or individual level.

IT Services

Axial provides full IT services to accelerate any implementation. We are able read and write from virtually any clinical system. We have millions of healthcare IT transactions under our belt. To learn more about our integration capabilities, read about our Data Integration Platform.