Axial Exchange’s leadership team and health care expertise are second to none. With over 30 years of health care and consumer experience, Axial Exchange knows how to build health care solutions that improve outcomes, delight patients and lower costs.
Meet the team…


Management Team

John Stein

Interim CEO and Board Member

Axial Exchange

John Charlesworth

VP of Product

Axial Exchange

Brant Elliot

VP of Engineering

Axial Exchange

Kate Haney

VP of Finance

Axial Exchange

Board Members

Robert Crutchfield

Board Member

Operating Advisor, Harbert Growth Partners

Stephen Sistrunk

Board Advisor

Vice President, Fidelis Capital and Bonaventure Capital

Richard Allen

Board Member

Technology & Biotech Startups; B2B Technologies & Service; Consumer Electronics; Medical Technologies


Axial Exchange is a digital health monitoring, care management and communications platform, branded with your health system.

PO Box 6486 | Raleigh, NC 27628
Call: 919.438.3286
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Axial Exchange

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