Secure Two Way Messaging

Care teams can send targeted messages like task lists and appointment  or medication reminders directly to patients through a secure, HIPAA compliant mobile platform.


Medication Management

Patients can track medications in an easy-to-view dashboard, helping avoid medication errors or missed doses. Patients receive automated reminders to take their medications.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Care teams can monitor and analyze patient health data 24/7. Intervene early with clinical guidance should a patient’s weight, glucose, blood pressure, or other reported biometric veer off track.


Patient Education

No more confusing discharge summaries or brochures. Send vital patient education directly to the patient’s mobile device – rich “how to” videos and helpful pdfs conveniently accessible by the patient any time.

Gaps In Care

Easily identify and close gaps in care. Send surveys and health risk assessments to identify gaps. Send task lists with due dates and reminders to keep patient on course.


Social Determinants

Gain greater insight into the social, economic and environmental factors that influence your patients’ health. Know your patient’s socioeconomic status, education, physical environment, employment and social networks allowing you to provide custom care plans.

Patient Retention

Keep patients in your system of care. Reduce network leakage by giving patients easy access to your provider directory, support groups, wellness classes, wayfinding, ED wait times and hospital locations.

Health Risk Assessments

Send custom surveys and health risk assessments to your patients and key cohorts. Get faster responses to key clinical questions and patient adherence.

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