Axial Exchange provides continuous, real time insight into your community’s health interests, goals, data and behaviors

Reach Out

How effectively are you reaching your patient population? The Axial Exchange platform enables you to communicate directly with individual patients and the community as a whole. Send secure, relevant, targeted messages to help patients achieve their health goals or address their medical conditions. Promote your wellness programs.


Are patients familiar with your brand? The Axial Exchange platform keeps your name top of mind in the community. Use branded content to invite patients to participate in wellness classes, seminars, and webinars. You’ll reinforce your brand, mission and values while keeping patients within your system of care.


Many hospitals are challenged to capture patient-generated health data and share it with care teams, caregivers, clinicians and researchers. Axial Exchange captures data about your population’s interests, goals and medical conditions to give you a more holistic view of your community so you can segment and target messages to them.


Equip your patients to better manage their own health data and participate in their own care. Patients can use the Axial Exchange platform to set goals and track progress in one easily accessible place. They can easily share data with their provider before or during an appointment to facilitate more meaningful health assessments.


Are your patients leaving your system of care? The key to retaining patients is to realize patients are consumers with choices. By deploying a platform that fosters patient engagement, you can connect patients to your health care organization and keep them coming back whenever they need healthcare services.


Are patient interactions as effective as they should be? The Axial Exchange platform continuously captures patient and population feedback in real time so you can improve patient satisfaction and develop deeper relationships with your patient population.

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